domestic diaries: cleaning up


In order to get my cleaning done, I often put on DVD’s for my daughters to watch. It keeps them busy and makes the process of domestics in the home much easier. ‘Domestic Goddess: The Throne, 3:40 min,  is a play on the Disney movies they watch, using props like crowns and magic wands my daughters play with. I also use a dress I made out of black rubbish bags. It’s also a play on ‘the throne’ which is often used as reference to a latrine.


In ‘Cleaning up’, 2:11 min,  I explore keeping ‘beautiful’ in conjunction with dishes. It focuses on the female having to shave and ‘clean up nicely’ in order to be perceived as ‘nice’ through the eyes of patriarchal ideals.


It also plays with the idea of being consumed, or being associated with being delicious, then dirty. Once again I place the performances opposite to fairy tales, watched daily by my daughters.