Dirt: text

Confession plays a large role in my work. I consider myself a ‘confessional artist’ and  the very act of confession itself becomes a ritual and often turns into a piece of art (mostly performance.)

The series was inspired by encounters with cyber sexuality (a female as a plastic, odourless, cold, tasteless object in a virtual milieu) which stood in direct conflict and contrast with tangibility (feelings, morals, warmth and above all, with being a sentient female).

It is a personal commentary on the cold, scentless, plastic nature of the web. Taking a look at the internet’s influence on our sexuality, it seems as if pornography and cyber sex rob human beings from real tangible experience. Flesh has become something you can’t touch, smell, or feel. What happens to the sentient being? What are the results, spiritually, with this shift to virtual sexuality?

‘Dirt’ plays off in an abandoned building, Maputo, 2011. It explores the notion of being ‘dirty’ (sinning) followed by redemptive self-punishment through self-humiliation , followed by an act of washing or ritual cleansing/purification.  ‘Dirt’ is a projection of guilt, corporeal conflict and a general confusion brought forth by virtual reality vs tangible reality, also, ‘Dirt’ explores this contrast by being dirty in both a literal and figurative sense.

Part one: 1:16 min

Part two: 0:57 min

Part three: 1:41 min

Part four: 1:32