Confession rituals: redemption.

The series was inspired by encounters with cyber sexuality (a female as a plastic, odourless, cold, tasteless object in a virtual milieu) which stood in direct conflict and contrast with tangibility (feelings, morals, warmth and above all, with being a sentient female). Does it cripple our true sexual nature, this new, virtual ‘sense’. Does the selfie and other digital ways to make ourselves ‘pretty’ and ‘desirable’destroy the last remaining connection with real flesh; real people?

What happens to the sentient being? What is happening to our senses if internet personas take over our ‘real life’ persona?  What are the results, spiritually, with this shift to virtual sexuality? Does arousal depend only on ‘the perfect’, senseless, doll-like images found in pornography or is there still a ‘real’ attraction?

‘Dirt’ plays off in an abandoned building, Maputo, 2011.   ‘Dirt’ is a projection of guilt, corporeal conflict and a general confusion brought forth by virtual reality vs tangible reality.  It consists out of four videos and photographs.

Part one: 1:16 min

Part two: 0:57 min

Part three: 1:41 min

Part four: 1:32

Cathartic Ritual: virtual sexuality in conflict with the corporeal body.


100_2469 100_2470



still from dirt 2

still from dirt 1

still from dirt 5

still from dirt 4

still from dirt 3